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Welcoming Jamie!

Welcoming Jamie!
9th December 2020 Lorraine

November marked a change in our workforce in the form of taking on a female groundworker. We have wanted to do this for quite some time but have struggled to encourage applicants to join. When considering a female grounds worker, we had to make sure we were able to provide separate and equal welfare facilities. Once we knew this was achievable, we decided it was the right time for growth and change.

Jamie will be our first female groundworker in what is an extremely male-dominated industry. There are few other industries in the UK where the gender gap is quite as noticeable as it is in construction and “despite comprising over 50% of the UK population, women still make up only 11% of the construction workforce; this number drops to just 1% of operatives on site.”*

As a small family-run civil engineering and highways contractor we recognised this as a potential growth opportunity enabling us to inspire the workforce of tomorrow and address the industry skills gulf. We are committed to getting more women into construction and want new ideas/theories/concepts to keep CF construction relevant.

This is Jamie’s first role in the construction industry so together we are hoping to break new ground in 2021

*Considerate Constructor’s Scheme 2018- Woman in Construction .


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